Health Grade 7 -- Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

 Mastery Objective: Students Will Be Able To apply new knowledge on eight types of drugs, examples in each drug category, their abuse, effects and dangers by creating a persuasive safety brochure. 

Dr. Franklin - Advisor

  • You are to make an attractive and persuasive informational brochure
  • This brochure will share introductory information on one of the following drug categories:
    • amphetamines
    • club drugs
    • depressants
    • hallucinogens
    • inhalants
    • marijuana
    • narcotics
    • stimulants
  • Identify who abuses these drugs
  • Include which drugs fall into your chosen category
  • Answer where these drugs are found
  • Record when this drug is aboused
  • Describe why the drugs are abused
  • State how the drug affects the physical, mental and social health of the individual
  • Encourage others not to use/abuse this drug because of its dangers


  • Students work in a group of 4 or less
  • Make effective use of classtime to start this project
  • Divide the work evenly among the group members
  • Highlight key facts
  • Work not completed will be homework
  • Gather materials from the classroom and students packet
  • Use  Image Quest for images
  • Design a rough draft

  Note: See your teacher or the Media Specialist for log-ins and passwords for home use of Online Resources

Image Quest (available to middle school students only) 

Science Reference Center  

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online School Edition 

eBook - UXL Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances

 Bibliography- Print materials in the MLK MS Library


 Note Taking Template 


Grading Rubric: 

  • Information in the brochure is accurate ---5 points
  • 3 or more images/drawings/etc --- 3 points
  • Visually appealing -- neat/colorful --- 2 points
  • 3 or more facts about the drug category --- 3 points
  • 2 reasons not to abuse this drug -- 2 points

Total -- 15 points


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