Music --Guitarists

Mastery Objective: 


Choose a guitarist from the list below

Duane Allman

Chet Atkins  

George Benson  

Liona Boyd  

Julian Bream  

Maybelle Carter  

Charlie Christian  

Eric Clapton  

Elizabeth Cotton  

Steve Cropper  

Dick Dale

Bo Diddley  

Al DiMeola  

Bob Dylan  

The Edge  

Tommy Emmanuel  

Kirk Hammett  

Jimi Hendrix  

Buddy Holly  

John Lee Hooker  

Robert Johnson

BB King  


Paco de Lucia  

Bob Marley

Brian May  

John Mayer  

John McLaughlin  

Joni Mitchell  

Wes Montgomery  

Carlos Montoya  

 Andres Segovia

Tom Morello  

Jimmy Page  

Joe Pass  

Les Paul  

Joe Perry  


Bonnie Raitt  


Carlos Santana  


 Bruce Springsteen

Pete Townshend  

Eddie Van Halen  

John Williams  

Ann Wilson  

Jack White  

Use the template provided below to create a PowerPoint slide about the guitarist.

After completing your slide, delete the Django Reinhardt sample slide.

Save your slide to the Hand In folder, using your last name and the last name of the guitarist.

[e.g., EisenbergReinhardt]



Encyclopaedia Britannica Online School Edition  

Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest - Access more than two million rights-cleared images from over 50 of the best collections in the world. 


Grading rubric:

Content – 15 points 

Spelling, grammar, editing – 5 pts 

Clear, informative presentation – 10 pts 


PowerPoint Template 






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