English 7 -- Unit 4 -Voices From the Past

 Mastery Objective: 

  Dr. Franklin - Advisor 

Here are two web quest links that you can use to give you some background on the time period.  Read through each and complete the activities 


MCPS Homework Resources 

 WebQuest: Children of World War II 
A WebQuest Created for 7th grade Created in Middle Level Curriculum at the University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, IA

 WebQuest: What 'War' We Thinking?
A WebQuest for 7th Graders Created for Central Middle School, Waterloo, IA 

 For using these resources at home go to the Edline Media Center page for logins and passwords 


EBSCO - History Reference Center Click on US History> World War II > Scroll down to your topic

Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition 


 Reading List - World War II Print Resources 

 Reading List - World War II Fiction 


Templates and Handouts 

 Voices Graphic Organizer 

 World War II Narrative Model 

 World War II Narrative Template 


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