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Mastery Objective:   

Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made this country what it is today! 


Choose two amazing Americans from each category to get to know!

Be sure to include each individual’s birth date, deceased date (if they are deceased!), and six facts about your Amazing Americans!  

At least 3 facts must be obtained from the More Stories About sections of the web quest.  You may use the paper version of the Amazing Americans Worksheet or open the electronic version in the Resources section below.



Leaders and statesmen 

U.S. Presidents 

Activists and Reformers 

Adventurers’ and Explorers 

Musicians and Composers 

Writers and Artists 

Industrialists and Entrepreneurs 

Scientists and Inventors 

Athletes and Entertainers 



More Amazing Americans: A WebQuest 

Britannica ImageQuest 

MCPS Online Resources



Amazing Americans handout 

Profile of an Amazing American 


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