Reading6 Pro and Con 

Mastery Objective: 

 Enduring understanding: Shared Inquiry requires readers to search for an author's meaning. 

Essential Question: How does interacting with information lead to understanding of ideas?  


Analyze the pros and cons of an issue, form an opinion based on the analysis. Present the findings in graphic format. 

Save the Powerpoint Template below to your My Documents folder.

Use the Resources provided to gather information.

    • Research  and select 2-3 resources for your presentation 
    • Copy and paste the best and most significant information and citations from these resources to this power point. 
    • Use your Summary to copy and paste information and citations into this presentation template. Citations are your resources. 
    • Use completed template to outline your report to the audience 
    • Add interesting oral explanations for each item you list on each side of the issue. 
    • Add sound, graphics, and video if appropriate 

At the end of each class save your work in the Student Shared -->SShared--> HadidiProvsCon folder.

When the project is complete, save the finished Powerpoint to the Hand In folder.


    Powerpoint Template - Add your notes to the appropriate slides on this Powerpoint presentation

    MCPS Homework Resources - Online Resources provided by MCPS. See Edline Media Center page for logins and passwords for home use.
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