/uploadedImages/schools/mlkms/departments/english/cartergwoodson.jpg   African American History Month Project 

 Mastery Objective: : SWBAT write a paper on an African American by researching and finding information using various web sites/search engines.


Directions: Upload the capture sheet from Student Shared to your Google Chrome account. Use the resources below to gather information about the person you chose. Add the information to the capture sheet. Students must use 2 sources of information and cite the source on their capture sheet. 


Use the information you find to create a poster with at least 5 pictures. At least one picture should be of the person. The others can either be more pictures of the person or pictures that show what the person's life was like.




  [2015-2016 Trial] 
EBSCO Kids Search 
EB Image Quest  Facts on File African American History Online
 [2015-2016 Trial] 
Infoplease Almanac  
  Infobase African American History Online
[2015-2016 Trial]


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