logoEnglish 6 - Poetry

Mastery Objective: Students will be able to present an artistic representation of a poem. 



Students will create a Photostory to represent one of the poems from their poetry collection.  Students must focus on one poem but may incorporate elements or pieces of some of their other poems. 

  • The first slide must include the student’s name and theme of the poetry collection. 
  • Pictures that accompany the Photostory may be personal photos, from a flash drive or email account, or can be searched on Image Quest.  Google may not be used to find pictures! 
  • You can add music to your Photostory or you can narrate your poetry by using headphones with a microphone attached.   
  • Please SAVE your project often so you don’t lose any information!  Please “Save As ”last name_ theme, e.g.,  “Glodek_Family Means Everything”  


  • Photostory 3 is on the Applications Menu.
  • Photostory 3 can be downloaded for free to home computers.
  • In your My Documents folder, make a new folder where you will collect your pictures. Use 'gr' as part of the name of the folder, e.g., Photostory gr 




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