checkerspot        6th Grade Checkerspot Butterfly Project

Mastery Objective: Students will be able to design a Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly habitat. 

 Checkerspot Butterfly Websites 

Maryland State Insect - Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly 
The Baltimore Checkerspot Restoration Project of Maryland -- Saving Maryland's State Butterfly
Learn About Butterflies 
Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly Glogster created by D. Omans, MCPS
Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly - Story and Photos by Rose Franklin
Volunteers Try to Restore Maryland's Vanishing Butterfly - Baltimore Sun
 Other Butterfly Websites 
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail 
Zebra Swallowtail 
Eastern Tailed Blue Summer Azure 
Red Banded Hairstreak 
Clouded Sulfur 
Cabbage White 

 Other  Resources 

Use these resources to find information about different kinds of butterflies and moths. You will need to type in the name of the butterfly or moth you are looking for or select it from a list.
 Butterflies and Moths of North America 
 All About Butterflies - Enchanted Learning 
 ImageQuest Photo Gallery --two million rights-cleared images from over 50 of the best collections in the world
 Encyclopedia Britannica Online Academic Edition 
 Beautiful Moths - photos
Bibliography-- Print Resources in the MLK MS Library


Complete the worksheet below. Save the worksheet to your 'My Documents' folder before you begin to work on it. Save frequently while you are working. When the worksheet is completed, save it to your teacher's Hand-In folder. Include your name AND the name of the butterfly in the name of each worksheet.
 Checkerspot Butterfly Capture Sheet 
Powerpoint Template 



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