English 6 -- Challenges - Contemporary Topics

Mastery Objective: Students will be able to research a contemporary issue and take notes on one side of the issue. Students will be able to write and present a speech that argues a claim with relevant evidence.  

   Dr. Franklin -- Advisor

Directions:  You will make a persuasive speech for your class. Using the resources below, find a topic of interest and form an opinion. Take notes using the graphic organizer to help organize your ideas. You need to persuade people to believe that your opinion is the best opinion.

Only gather evidence that supports your opinion on the subject.

You will need to gather research from a minimum of three sources.

You will need to get a minimum of three notes from each source.


MCPS Homework Resources 

When using these resources from home, go to Edline and open the Media center page to find login and passwords. 

Issues & Controversies - Facts on File - In-Depth Investigation of Today's Top Issues

SIRS Issues Researcher - Covering the Leading Issues most studied and debated by students. 




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