Program Overview

Perspectives in the Fine Arts (Perspectives) is the foundation of the comprehensive performing and creative arts program at Loiederman Magnet Middle School. It is a recommended course for all sixth grade students in which they will be exposed to visual art, dance, music and theater. In brief, the goal of the course is arts literacy. Students will be able to identify the elements of each art form. They will gain the necessary vocabulary to intelligently discuss performances and exhibits. Students will use their knowledge of each discipline to form their own justifiable opinions about art In addition, Perspectives will help students perceive connections between all four art forms.

Enduring Understandings:

  • The arts are used to achieve a multitude of human purposes: to present issues and ideas, to teach or persuade, to entertain, to decorate or please.  Becoming literate in the arts helps students understand and do these things better.
  • Aesthetic judgments about the adequacy of a performance are relative, never absolute, and depend upon the character of the experience, needs and experiences of the audience and the environment.

For more information please contact the Perspectives in the Fine Arts teachers -  Derek Sober

Collaborative Universal Theme Murals by ESOL Perspectives group.


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