Grade Level Resources



   JLES Expecations
 (Video created by Wootton High School student,     
 Jeffery Chern, for his Eagle Scout Project.) 



Team Photos



  Pre K , Prek +, and Headstart Team  
              Teachers and Paras (Missing Ms. Derigo)                                                      
                     PreK 2017
                                        Back row: Ms. Fuentes, Ms. King, Ms. Dang, Ms. Mazur,

                                        Front row: Ms. Flanagan, Ms. Granados, Ms. Kuan

 Kindergarten team  

             kindergarten 17

                      Front to Back: Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Ramdoo, Mrs. Berry-Pettus, 
                      Ms. Tubiolo, Ms. Travis, Ms. Adams, Mrs. Kane

Grade 1 team  
       first grade 2017 
            Left to right: Ms. Holden, Ms. Bossi, Ms. Peggins, Ms Chavez, 
                     Ms. Barauskas, Ms. Lott

Grade 2 team  
     Second grade 2017
          Left to right: Mrs. Smoot, Ms. Ayala, Mrs. Preston, Ms. Soffer,
                          Ms. Bruno, Mrs. Perretta, Ms. Loeb
Grade 3 team  
     third grade 2017
  Left to right: Ms. Jimenez, Ms. Shawyer, Ms. Ferri, Mr. Kaelin

                                Ms. Tindle, Ms. Stock 


Grade 4 team  


              fourth grade 2017 
             Left to right: Ms. Filiault, Mrs. Hay, Ms. Kim, Ms. Vergot, Ms. Guerrier
Grade 5 team  
        fifth grade 2017

           Left to right: Ms. Gayle, Ms. DeMouy, Ms. McDade, Ms. Pratt, Ms. Payne
                     In front:  Ms. Gonzales


ESOL team  

            esol 2017 
        Back row: Ms. Tokbay, Ms. Kelly, Dr. Baker, Ms. Monkevich, Ms. Winchester-Del Rio

                        Ms. Levine, Ms. Stuckey

        Front row: Ms. Howard, Ms. Costello, Ms. Jones Katzin, Ms. Olaitan, Ms. Narzir

                         Ms. Brooks, Ms. Cavett      

Specialist team  
        specialists 2017
        Back row: Mr. Bauer, Mr. Henderson, Ms. Taylor, Mr. Costantino, Ms. Garfield
        Front row: Mr. Burnett, Ms. O'Reilly, Ms. Eisenbarth, Ms. Simmons,
                              Ms. Anderson
Focus team  
       focus 2017
                              Mr. Bryant, Ms. Sidlowski, Mr. Wells  
Special Education team  


                special ed 2017
                      Ms. Esteban, Ms. Seaman, Ms. Balagtas, Ms. Johnson

Office team  

       office 2017 


                                Mrs. Nguyen and Mrs. Dos Santos



Paraeducator team   

               Support staff 2017 
         Ms. Pezo, Ms. Locust, Ms. Giancoli, Ms. O'Hara, Ms. Kuan, Ms. Dang, Mrs. White, 
               Mrs. Maldonado, Ms. Abramson, Ms. Kibunja, Mr. Thomas

 Student Support

               student support 2017
                   Mr. Moreno, Ms. Margulies, Ms. Cardona, Ms. Mejia 

    Family and Community Support 
                   family and community


                                      Ms. Granados and Mr. Nkemleke






                                         Ms. Putman and Dr. Barber





                           Mrs. Hinds, Ms RamaherisonMrs. Ruppert 


                                Ms.  Wong