Keeping the Promise to Honor our Veterans: Veterans Day Celebration:  November 11, 2016







Laytonsville Elementary's First Family STEM Night, Thursday, October 20, 2016 

Laytonsville's First Annual Family STEM Night provided time for students and their parents to engage in authentic critical challenges designed to promote collaboration, communication, curiosity, and creativity.

2016-STEM-3-Bridge    2016-STEM-4-Bridge


2016-STEM-5-Bridge    2016-STEM-6-Bridge


2016-STEM-7-Bridge    2016-STEM-8-Bridge


2016-STEM-9-Catapult    2016-STEM-10-Catapult


2016-STEM-11-Little Bitts     2016-STEM-12-Marble


2016-STEM-13-Ready Set     2016-STEM-14-Tower