Staff List

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Administration: Main Office:
Ms. Debra A. Berner, Principal Ms. Patricia Staines, Administrative Secretary
Ms. Nora Jones , Assistant Principal Mrs. Andrea Lyn-Brown, Attendance Secretary
Kindergarten: Grade 1:
Mrs. Adria Johnson Mrs. Megan Kim
Ms. Joleen Johnson Mrs. Rebecca Seay-Katz

Mrs. Sarah Smith

Mrs. Juran Yang 



 Grade 2:

Grade 3:  
Ms. Tracey Gault Mrs. Lisa Adkins
Mrs. Marie Pressel Ms. Diane Driscoll
Ms. Carrie Walker Mrs. Elizabeth Glazier
Grade 4: Grade 5:  
Mrs. Erica Cerniglia Ms. Hannah Achilles
Mrs. Melissa Krohn Ms. Megan Cooper
Mrs. Kristen Llanes Mrs. Carrie Gruver
Mrs. Lyn Mullinax Mrs. Susan Silversmith
Gr. K/1/:Ms. Connie Kahle SEIA:  Patricia Betts
Gr. 2/3: Ms. Katherine Fulton SEIA:  Mary Kempf
Gr. 3/4/5: Ms. Lauren Gibson   SEIA:  Erin Mayne
    SEIA:  Saima Mehmood
    SEIA:  Abby Peller
    SEIA:  Diane Trindle
  SEIA: Linda Wang
       SEIA: Lyz Vogel Chase
Art: Mrs. Jill McCowan Physical Education: Mr. Colin Thomson
Counselor: Mrs. Alicia Gottesman Reading Specialist: Mrs. Colleen Roux
 ESOL:Ms. Mary Beth Foster, Ms. Michelle Fishman Reading Initiative: Mrs. Beth Bell and Ms. Mahvash Chaudhri
Instrumental Music: Mr. Joseph McIntyre Staff Development: Mrs. Jacqueline Cody
Media Specialist: Mrs. Carla McCaffrey Resource: Ms. Alison Castel
Music: Mrs. Julia Donato,

 Resource Paraeducator: Dana Bergman

OT:  Heather Hosseini  Speech: Ms. Caitlyn Oster
  PT: Ms. Kate Tiffey
Supporting Services Staff:  
Building Services Manager: Ms. Brenda Orellana Lunch/Recess Aides:  Dr. Scott Buehler
Building Services Night Leader:

                                 Mrs. Linda Wang
Building Service Worker: Ms.Leo Amaro                                  Ms. Anna Tsai 

Building Service Worker:Mr. Maurice Brooks

                                 Ms. Qing Feng
Building Service Worker:  Mr. Darlinston Mapleh                                  Ms. Poh 
Cafeteria Manager: Ms. Lerida Perez                                  Ms. Emma Wu
Cafeteria Worker: Ms. Maiko Wei                                  Ms.  Tse 
Nurse: Ms. Colleen Yang                               
Health Technician: Mrs. Soheila Tabrizi  Paraeducators:         Dr. Scott Buehler
Media Assistant: Ms. Stacey Podber                                 Ms. Diane Kim
                                Mrs. Linda Wang
ITSS: Mr. Kerry Keene                 
           Substitute: Mrs. Marilyn Grafman            
                         Ms. Leslie Dobbin
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