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Encyclopedia Britannica

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The British Museum - Ancient Egypt

BBC – History: Egyptian

Ancient Egypt Basic Article

Egyptian Civilization

EBSCOhost: Ancient Egypt- basic article good for quick facts

Physical Features & Geographic Characteristics 


British Museum Geography
Nile River & the Desert (Red & Black Land)

Human Geographic Characteristics 


NOVA Online – Pyramids: Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Art & Architecture

Overview of Country Life in Ancient Egypt

Overview of City Life in Ancient Egypt

Egypt: Daily Life

Ancient Egypt Culture

Social System  


Egypt: Daily Life

Egyptian Life: Nobleman vs. Farmer

Master Scribes

Garments (clothing)

Political System (Pharaoh, Kings, Government) 


Kings & Queens

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt    

Egyptian Government

Overview of Government in Ancient Egypt



Egyptian Religion

Gods & Goddesses

Death and Burial

The Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Egypt



Ancient Egyptian Economy

Ancient Egypt (scroll down to economy)

Overview of Food & Agriculture in Ancient Egypt

Science& Technology  


Pyramids: Houses of Eternity

Nova Online Adventures: Pyramids

Construction of Pharaoh Khufu's Pyramid   

Mummification British Museum

Embalming the Body

Wrapping the Mummy

Human Expression  



Where was writing used?


Art & architecture

Ancient Egyptian Music

Artifact Ideas

Scale Model of the Great Pyramid  



Ancient Egypt - National Geographic

Mummification Process

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