Ancient Egypt Research 

Overview - Online Encyclopedia & Databases  
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Encyclopedia Britannica


Elementary/Ancient Egypt 

  •  Culture:  Life in Ancient Egypt  
  •  Famous People:  King Tut, Cleopatra, Ramases II, Nefertiti, Haptshepsut 
 Middle/Ancient Egypt 
  • Culture:  Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt, home life & dress by social class; painting & sculpture; hieroglyphics; literature 
  • Famous Place or Model:  Great Pyramid of Khufu 
  • Famous People:  King Tut, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut 

Ancient & Medieval History  Online 

  • Culture: architecture, art, literature, religion, social organization  
  • Travel Brochure - climate & geography 

Student Research Center (EBSCO)


Choose “Advanced Search/Grade 5-6”

>World History   >Early Civilizations >Ancient Egypt  (see list)

  • Famous Places/Models 
    • Great Pyramid at Giza  
    •  Great Pyramid          
  •  Famous People 
    •  Ramses II  
    •  Hatshepsut  
  •  Culture 
    •  Life in Ancient Egypt 
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Explora Database Type in Ancient Egypt --> Select Lexile Levels


Social Classes


Clothing, Education, Food, Housing, Women, Social Classes, Religious Beliefs



Famous Person


Famous Places


Diary of a Child in Ancient Egypt


Travel Brochure




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