Ancient Egypt Research 

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Encyclopedia Britannica


 Middle/Ancient Egypt 
 Culture:  Everyday Life in Ancient Egypt, home life & dress by social class; painting &

 sculpture; hieroglyphics; literature 

 Famous Place or Model:  Great Pyramid of Khufu 

 Famous People:  King Tut, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut 

Ancient & Medieval History  Online 

 Culture: architecture, art, literature, religion, social organization  

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Social Classes

 Egyptian Hierarchy

 Social Structure of Ancient Egypt


Clothing, Education, Food, Housing, Women, Social Classes, Religious Beliefs


 Egypt: Daily Life - Family Life, Clothing 

 Ancient Egypt Encyclopedia

 Egyptian Life:  Story “A Day in the Life of a Nobleman’s Family and a Farmer’s Family” 

 History Museum Ancient Egypt Religion       

 Religion – The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt 

 Ancient Egyptian Clothes - Garments 

 Mystery of Egypt - Writing 

 Ancient Egypt Culture - Writing 

Famous Person


Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt  (Cleopatra, Hatshepsut, Tut, Ramses II)  


King Tut and Ramses 

King Tut                       


BBC  Pharaohs and Dynasties (Ramesses the Great) 


Mummification British Museum

How to Make a Mummy

Embalming the Body 

Wrapping the Mummy 

Mummification Process 

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