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The purpose of the Navy Junior Officers Training Corps, also known as NJROTC, is to "instill in students the value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.” Choosing to take part in one of the most diverse and interesting programs a high school student can participate in, you will be joining more than half a million other students across the United States.

NJROTC also offers teams that compete against other local high school units in military drill, marksmanship, athletics and academics. Cadets take part in a wide variety of community service work as a part of citizenship training, therefore opportunities to earn SSL hours are guaranteed. We stay busy throughout the year, taking part in various field trips in and out of state. Cadets have also stated that the connections and friendships developed last a long time after they graduate high school. Come join us and see first hand what we are all about, and visit us on Facebook.

NJROTC Activities

The John F. Kennedy NJROTC attends and holds many activities every school year, and during the summer. They include but are not limited to military ceremonies, museums, parades, and school events. Our unit doesn’t only attend events such as those mentioned above, but our unit is sometimes asked to attend and help events in our community. For example, we are asked to attend and help in events such as church events, community fairs, college events, etc.

NJROTC 2017-2018

  • John F. Kennedy High School Freshman Orientation
  • John F. Kennedy High School September Family Market
  • Huntingtown High School Field and Academics Meet
  • Loudoun County High School Drill/Athletic Meet
  • John F. Kennedy High School October Family Market
  • John F. Kennedy High School Homecoming Parade
  • Seneca Valley High School Drill Meet
  • Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade
  • La Plata High School Field Meet
  • Thomas Edison High School Color Guard Presentation
  • National Marine Corps Museum Field Trip
  • John F. Kennedy High School Drill Meet
  • Housing and Urban Development Color Guard Presentation
  • Holy Cross Hospital Color Guard Presentation
  • Osbourn Park High School Meet
  • Glenhaven Elementary School Color Guard Presentation
  • Governor Thomas Johnson High School Orienteering
  • John F. Kennedy High School Graduation Ceremony
  • Montgomery County National Night Out


NJROTC also offers many teams to participate in, from physical to academic to ceremonial, we have it all.

 NJROTC Rifle Team 2016-17   Air Rifle Team
Team Commander: C/SN Clarke
The Air Rifle Team consists of 8 cadets from all grades, practicing their accuracy and precision with air rifles for Air Rifle Competitions. Cadets are to first pass a safety test before becoming a member of the team.
 NJROTC Academic Team 2016-17   Academics Team
Team Commander: OPEN
The academics team does many things such as aiding in homework for different classes, help in learning NJROTC knowledge, and competitions by taking tests on American history and Naval knowledge.
JFK NJROTC Athletic Team 2016-17     Athletics Team
Team Commander: C/SA Vela
The athletics team is for both, girls and guys, and is based on the cadets physical fitness. Cadets attend practice a few times a week after school to build muscular endurance and prepare for competitions held at different schools. Athletic team exercises consist of but are not limited to push-ups, sit-ups, curl-ups, Australian trollies, and mile runs.
JFK NJROTC Color Guard Team 2016-17     Color Guard
Team Commander: C/PO3 Rodriguez
Color Guard is the ceremonial representation of the national flag and associated institution. Color Guard usually consists of 4 people, 2 with rifles, one with the American Flag, and the other with the associated institutions flag. Color Guard attends drill meets to also compete with other schools in how well their Color Guard is.
JFK NJROTC Drill Team 2016-17     Drill Team
Team Commander: C/CPO Guerra
The drill team is one of the most competitive teams in the NJROTC program. NJROTC drill teams from different high schools hold competitions for marching, personal appearance, and NJROTC knowledge. Trophies are then held out at the end to the schools who performed best.
 JFK NJROTC Orienteering Team 2016-17   Orienteering Team
Team Commander: C/SA Martz
The orienteering team consists of cadets, going on a treasure hunt-like search, but are only given a map and a compass, and are placed in a specific environment to locate markers. Schools are then judged based on the time the run took, and whether the cadets chose the correct markers.

NJROTC Chain of Command

The Unit Chain of Command is available on this page.

Principal: Honorable Joe Rubens
Senior Naval Science Instructor: Commander Lawrence Bateman
Naval Science Instructor: Chief Petty Officer Sharon D. Rogers
Commanding Officer: c/LCDR Alexander
Executive Officer: c/PO1 Carranza
Senior Enlisted Advisor: c/SCPO Chavarria
Operations Officer: N/A
Administration Officer: c/CPO Abbott
Supply Officer: c/SA Gonzalez
Training Officer c/SN Hahn
Armorer: c/SN Grey-Coker
Public Affairs Officer c/SR Eiskant
Recycling Officer: c/PO3 Hernandez, C.
SSL Coordinator: c/SR Safra
Academic Team: N/A
Rifle Team: c/SN Clarke, M.
Drill Team: c/CPO Guerra
Color Guard: c/PO3 Rodriguez, E.
Athletic Team: c/SA Vela
Recruiting Team: N/A
Orienteering Team: c/SA Martz
Platoon 1 (periods 2, 3, 7): c/PO1 Ambrocio
Platoon 2 (period 4): c/SR Ortiz
Platoon 3 (period 6): c/CPO English
Platoon 4 (period 8): c/SA Evans
Platoon 5: c/CPO Gooch


Online Calendar

JFK NJROTC online calendar of events.

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