Investigations in Science:
Baltimore  Checkerspot Butterfly Resources Pathfinder

Created by MCPS Science Department; revised by K. Crossley 10/15/09; updated 11/28/11

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Background: Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly: 

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    1. The Baltimore Checkerspot Restoration Project of Maryland:  Checkerspot Fact Sheet 
    2. Butterflies and Moths of North America: Baltimore 
    3. BugGuide: Classification – This is the Info tab.  Also use the Data tab. 
    4. Maryland At a Glance -- State Symbols – Maryland State Insect 
    5. Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly 
    6. Pest Control Community - Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly (State Insect) 
    7. Chicago Wilderness Project – Baltimore Checkerspot 
    8. Zipcode Zoo – Euphydryas phaeton (Baltimore Checkerspot 
    9. Mass Audubon Butterfly Atlas – Baltimore Checkerspot 
    10. Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Baltimore Checkerspot 

Butterfly Habitat: 

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  1. Maryland Native Plant Society – Wildflower in Focus – White Turtlehead (Balmony) 
  2. Maryland Department of Natural Resources: Wild Acres Program: Creating a Wild Backyard 
  3. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping 
  4. Native Plant Center - On the left, choose the soil moisture you want. These are all plants that are native to the Piedmont region (where you live!)®ion=Piedmont&searchRegion=reset  
  5. Using Native Plants for Butterfly Gardens brochure from Native Wetland Plant Nursery 
  6. Wetland Wildflowers of Illinois: Background on the White Turtlehead 
  7. NC State University: Turtlehead (Chelone glabra) 
  8. USDA: Forest Service:  Celebrating Wildflowers: Turtlehead 
  9. American Beauties: Chelone glabra  - Planting tips 
  10. National Park Service - Habitat Needs of Wetland Species – Scroll down to find a passage about the Baltimore Checkerspot. 
  11. Turtlehead, Chelone, Vital to the the Baltimore Checkerspot 
  12. Emmitsburg Town Government - Scarce state butterfly habitat found at Rainbow Lake 

Animals in Habitat

  1. Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Heritage Service: Animal Bits: Find information on Maryland animals here.
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  2. World Book Online: Look up "Maryland". Use the Table of Contents on the left side to find "Plant and Animal Life." Here you will find native species listed.
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  3. e-book: Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resource 
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Montgomery County Parks

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  1. Black Hill Regional Park 
  2. Brookside Gardens 
  3. Cabin John Regional Park 
  4. Little Bennett Regional Park 
  5. Rock Creek Regional Park 
  6. Wheaton Regional Park 

Habitat Design/Cost Analysis: 

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  1. Sweet Nectar Nursery – On the left, click on "Butterfly Plants" or "Host Plants" and look for plants and their cost. 
  2. Home Depot Garden Center 
  3. Meadowbrook Nursery: 
  4. Shady Gardens Nursery: 


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  2. BugGuide 
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  4. Baltimore Checkerspot (Euphydryas phaeton) 
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