On November 25, 2015, Germantown Elementary School will be participating in its 21st annual Jump Rope for Heart.  This is a program that is sponsored by the American Heart Association.  The 1st – 5th grade students at Germantown have had an introduction to the Jump Rope for Heart Program during their P.E. classes during the week of October 19, 2015.  As of right now we have 90 students have signed up and are collecting donations.  All students that sign up to participate in the Jump Rope for Heart and have collected donations will be called down to the gym on November 25th to have our Jump Rope Party!  

If your child has not signed up yet, they can get a permission slip from Mr. Burdette and get it signed and turned in to him by Friday, November 20th.  He will then get them the pledge envelope where they can start collecting donations for the American Heart Association.  One way they can collect donations is to go online and do the online donation program.  It is the easiest way to collect donations because the students do not have to worry about losing any checks or cash that they may have collected.  

The website to find out more about Jump Rope for Heart and the online donation program is www.heart.org/jump