Ms. Bryant was selected to be 1 of 30 principals around the DC metropolitan area to participate in the ED Goes Back to School Principal Shadowing Event 2013. This is a program that the US Department of Education created to highlight and provide insights to ED leaders on the implementation of their policies and initiatives and for school principals to learn a new perspective and greater understanding of federal policies.  Will Crossley, Civil Rights Attorney and Senior Aide in the US Department of Education, shadowed Ms. Bryant on Tuesday, November 19th.    

On Friday, November 22nd, Ms. Bryant traveled down to the US Department of Education (in Southwest Washington DC) to meet with the other principals and Department officials who participated in this program. In addition, Ms. Bryant met US Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, and US Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education, Deborah Delisle.   

The power of federal policy goes only as far as the effectiveness of how programs are being implemented by our schools. The opportunity for local principals like Ms. Bryant and policy makers to learn from each other proved to be invaluable as they all continue to work to improve all schools for all children.  



Amy and Duncan   Amy and DOE rep 
Ms. Bryant, principal, and Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education Ms. Bryant and Will Crossley, Senior Aide, US Department of Education