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NJROTC is a leadership & military course meant to instill proper respect, responsibility, honor, integrity and teamwork values meant to train our cadets into valuable and hardworking citizens. It is not a recruiting tool of the Armed Services. 

There is no military obligation if enrolled in NJROTC. However, if you complete at least three years you automatically are advanced to an E-3 pay grade upon completion of an armed forces boot camp. 

NJROTC is an elective course, it is recommended that you enroll your freshman year but you are still eligible to join at the beginning of any year. We will also accept Naval Science 1 students at the beginning of the First and Second semesters during the school year.

At the beginning of your first year there is a mini boot camp. It usually lasts at least one month. Classes consist of military knowledge, physical training, drill, and at least one week with an actual drill instructor where the cadets learn drill and discipline.


  • It is required that cadets be able to participate in normal Physical Education to be able to join NJROTC with the exception of a Doctor’s note or a legitimate physical injury.
  • It is mandatory to wear your uniform at least once a week, usually every Wednesday. Uniforms are issued to cadets at no cost and are collected at the end of the year. If lost or stolen the cadet must pay a fine for another pair.
  • Additional student service learning hours can be earned for participating in other activities involved in helping the community.
  • Uniform inspection is every Wednesday. Cadets are graded on their overall appearance, hygiene, uniform care, and military knowledge. These scores go towards your military aptitude grade which is included in your final grade for the class.
  • For those cadets who cadets return to take the Naval Science 2 course they are eligible to apply for staff positions within the unit’s eleven departments which consist of: Public Affairs, administration, training, deck, supply, honor guard, color guard, drill team, semper fi, rifle team, academic team.

Course Curriculum

The curriculum is as follows: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are academic days. Wednesday is uniform day/ inspection and drill. Friday is physical training day.  Academics break down by year:

  • NS-1 year: Leadership, drill, basic naval information (ships/air planes, submarines, etc.)
  • NS-2 year: Geography, Oceanography, Navigation, leadership
  • NS-3 year: Maneuvering Board, naval history, how to prepare for college, basic life skills, leadership.
  • NS-4 year: NS4s teach NS1s in the classroom and instruct in drills

Scholarships & Educational Benefits

Scholarships are readily available to all NJROTC cadets. Cadets may participate in leadership conferences and events such as Freedom’s Foundation, National Capital Youth Leadership Conference (MOWW), Girl/Boy State, Leadership Academy, and others.  The following are also available to NJROTC cadets:

  • Since our unit is a Distinguished Unit, the Senior Naval Science Instructor has the authority to nominate three cadets a year to any of the military academies (Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, and West Point).
  • Cadets are invited to join one or more of the six special teams provided. All teams practice every week, some numerous times a week. All cadets must be eligible through graded GPA and maintain attendance.
  • Drill Team is a performance team that participates in drill meets, outside organizations and ceremonies.
  • Color Guard is the most active of all the teams. They perform at every football and basketball home game, and for outside organizations.
  • The Academic team studies and takes tests which are compared to other units in our area and over the nation in terms of general knowledge of all
  • The Rifle Team consists of cadets learning to properly and safely operate a firearm (.177 pellets only). It is the only team which a person must try out for. You must pass a safety test before trying out and you must make one of the ten spots on the team.
  • The Semper Fi team is the physical fitness team. They compete in track events, pushups/curl-ups and other events in regional competitions.

Additionally, whole unit excursions are taken multiple times a year to various military installations as well as to many museums around the tri-state as well as the eastern seaboard for extended trips. The trips vary in of stay or leave and will be decide on an individual trip to trip basis and are taken during the school year as well as over the summer.. Cadets learn damage control on various Naval commissioned vessels & participate in tours of ships, submarines and aviation squadrons. Cadets also experience living in a barracks and eating in a galley. Some trips that the unit has undertaken in the past were Parris Island, New York, Newport, Rhode Island, Boston, Quantico, Gettysburg and Philadelphia. 


Some events cadets participate in during the school year include:

  • 8th grade orientation
  • Back to School Night
  • Old Towne Day
  • Rockville Memorial Day Parade
  • Rio Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Graduation
  • Oktoberfest Festival
  • American Legion Post 86 Events

Ceremonies cadets are invited to throughout the year:

  • Boot Camp Graduation
  • Annual Awards Banquet
  • Annual Military Ball
  • Annual Change of Command
  • Annual GHS Drill Meet
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