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Arts & Communication Academy



This program of study will be useful in the real world for those looking to use their creativity while excelling in a fast-paced business world. Studies of SAT scores by the College Board show that students in the arts score on the average 49 points higher on verbal and 35 points higher on math than students without arts coursework. Examples of the careers students in the Arts & Communication Academy would be interested in include:

  • Actor
  • Correspondent
  • Fine Artist
  • TV Journalist
  • Reporter
  • Performing Artist
  • Musician
  • Animator
  • Editor
  • Graphics Designer
  • Radio Announcer
  • Writer
  • TV Producer
  • Music Producer

The academy involves students in the visual and performing arts, broadcast media, and music. The art pathway gives students an understanding of the fundamentals of planning, designing, and producing visual pieces of art. The broadcast media pathway guides students in learning about on-air performance, advertising, news, and television production. Programs are available for students to develop their talents by learning the fundamentals of performance in music, theater, and dance. A comprehensive course sequence exists within this academy for those students who have an interest in journalism. Students are required to take three or more credits of coursework in their selected academy.

Arts & Communication Pathways

Fine Arts - Visual

  • Required Courses:
    • Art & Culture (for non-drawers)
    • Foundations of Art
    • Digital Art
    • AP Studio Drawing
    • Studio Art 1 & 2
    • AP Studio Art 2 Dimensional
    • Photography 1, 2 & 3
    • AP Photography 2 Dimensional
    • Ceramics/Sculpture 1, 2 & 3
    • AP 3D Ceramics
    • Painting

Fine Arts - Music/Drama  

  • Required Courses:
    • Introduction to Drama
    • Chorus 1, 2, Chamber Singers
    • Concert Band
    • Symphonic Band
    • Jazz Ensemble
    • Guitar
    • Piano 1 & 2


  • Required Courses:
    • Dance as a Fine Art 1 & 2

Broadcast Media

  • Required Courses:
    • Video Production A/B
    • Electronic Video Production (Video Field)
    • Media Management Production
    • Internship (sp, dp, tp)
    • Information & Argumentative Speaking/Public Speaking



  • Required Courses:
    • Journalism
    • Video Production A/B
    • Newspaper
    • Newspaper Editors
    • Yearbook
    • Yearbook Editors
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