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Autism Program

The Programs for Students with Autism teaches students grades K-5 basic academic skills, social skills, and functional life skills to include independence and navigating the community. A low student to teacher ratio helps to promote these skills.

For more information contact the Montgomery County Public Schools Department of Special Education  

Autism Staff


 Hilton1  Saunders1  Frega 1
Ms. Hilton Ms. Saunders Ms. Frega
 Steiner1  Mann  Valencia1
Ms. Steiner Ms. Mann Ms. Valencia
 Carey1  Potcner  Abby1
Ms. Carey Ms. Potcner Ms. Gonzalez



Websites for Pre-K students to use at home:

  • Fisher Price
    This links to the preschool page which has online games to practice letter sounds, matching, and counting. There are also infant and toddler pages. 
  • Internet4Classrooms
    Many, many games organized by skills like shapes, number recognition, listening, any rhyming. The same site can be used through 5th grade. 
  • KidPort
    Basic activities for sequencing, comparing shapes, adding and subtracting. 
  • Literacy Center
    Easy to use letter, number and color identification games. 
  • Noggin
    Videos, songs and games that match their favorite tv shows. 
  • PBS Kids
    Videos, songs and games that match their favorite tv shows. PBS Island allows you to track your child's progress and increases the difficulty and they improve. 
  • Starfall
    Outstanding letter identification, sound and vocabulary slideshows. Very easy to use. Also has beginning reading activities and printables. 
  • StoryPlace Preschool Library
    Great books and activities read to the kids. Organized by subject like shapes, colors, animals and firefighters. 
  • Vocabulary Fun
    A great matching game for environmental words like transportation, kitchen tools, and animals. 


Mrs. Fourquet, Pre-Kindergarten teacher and Mrs. Perez, Paraeducator

More Information

For more information contact the
Division of Early Childhood Programs and Services  



Mrs. Burton
   Ms. Griffin   
Ms. DiTommaso
Mrs. Edward 
Ms. Heister   
Mrs. Lakner
 Kindergarten Mrs. O'Keefe 
 Mrs. Bourdeaux
Mrs. Reyna
Mr. Shimoura





First Grade


Mrs. Belan
Ms. Young
Ms. Hassen 
dadourian 2
Mrs. Johnson
 1st Grade Mrs Downing 
Mrs. Downing


Ms. Borror  

Ms. Kiebert 
Mrs. Shaw
 1st Grade Mr. Shinsky


Ms. Sherman


Second Grade


Mrs. Heil
Mrs. Obiezue

 Ms. Kahn

Mrs. Phal 
Mrs. Phal
Ms. Cai 
Mrs. Hayden 
Ms. Stuart 
 Ms. Strachan
Ms. Strachan 
 Ms. Thornton
Ms. Thornton 



Third Grade



Ms. Cross
Mrs. Weeden
Ms. Mohoric 
 Ms. Ramirez 
Ms. Ramirez
 Ms. Sterling
Ms. Sterling 
 Mrs. Watt
Mrs. Watt 



Fourth Grade


Mrs. Durr
Mr. Toscana      
Mr. Fisher


 Ms. Sapp  
Ms. Abernethy 



Fifth Grade

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Mrs. George
Ms. McCaffrey
Ms. Padilla
Mrs. Patterson