Special Collections

Foreign Language Collection

FOMS has a growing number of materials in Spanish, French, Russian, and other languages. Many of these are bilingual books, with information written in both English and another language.

According to the ESOL department at our school, about 14 different languages are spoken by Forest Oak students. By offering books in some of these languages we hope to achieve two different sets of goals:

  • encourage native speakers of other languages to patronize the media center and to provide support for their transition to using English.
  • challenge students in the foreign language program to expand their use of the language by reading books written in that language.

Art Prints

Over 600 Shorewood Art prints are available to staff members to enrich curriculum units. Staff members can access a database on the school network to match particular prints with individual units as they plan for instruction.


FOMS has over 280 unabridged audiobooks available in cassette or CD format for student and staff checkout. Titles include a number of anchor texts for the English curriculum and other titles of general interest. In nearly all cases FOMS has a paper copy of the book, allowing readers to follow the text while listening to the audiobook.

Other special collections are temporary, supporting instructional/research units or highlighting holidays or special events throughout the year.