The REFERENCE section at Forest Oak MS is interfiled with the nonfiction section. There are over 1200 Reference items, marked with a yellow and red 'Reference' sticker. By housing these items with the regular nonfiction collection, the media center staff hopes to make them more visible and more accessible to students. In many cases the collection contains multiple copies of a book, with only one marked as a 'Reference' copy. While regular nonfiction titles may be checked out for up to 2 weeks, 'Reference' copies may only be checked out overnight.

  • 000-099 Generalities [encyclopedias, bibliographies, periodicals]
  • 100-199 Philosophy and related disciplines
  • 200-299 Religion
  • 300-399 Social Sciences [education, customs, folktales]
  • 400-499 Language [including dictionaries]
  • 500-599 Pure Sciences
  • 600-699 Technology abd Applied Sciences
  • 700-799 Arts
  • 800-800 Literature
  • 900-999 Geography and History