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High School Assessments for 9th à 11th Graders (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

·         Students will be notified through their 1st period teachers when and where to report for their HSA’s. 

·         Students arriving in the morning and not participating in the HSA’s, will have access to the cafeteria as a study hall until lunch at 10:45. 

·         Transportation

o   Buses will operate on regular schedules. 

o   Students who are not taking the HSA’s and providing their own transportation should arrive no later than 10:45.

·         HSA make-ups are by appointment only.

·         Special Education students with special accommodations and ELL students will begin testing 5/24 and finish 5/31

Senior Exams: 5/20----5/23

·         All students will attend their afternoon classes.  Seniors will be taking their exams in the afternoon.


Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 17
Spring break

Friday, April 18
Holiday - Easter

Monday, April 21
Make up day

Tuesday, April 22
VAC Annual Art Show Set-Up
Spring Choral Concert Rehersal
PTSA General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, April 23
VAC Annual Art Show - Exhibition
Field Trip - Aer & Space Museum
VAC Annual Art Show - Senior Night

Thursday, April 24
Writing Contest Winners Celebration
VAC Annual Art Show - Family Night

Friday, April 25
Field Trip - Washington Monuments & Museums
2014 Senior Prom

Saturday, April 26
After Prom Party
Spring Choral Concert Rehersal

Sunday, April 27
Spring Choral Concert Rehersal

Tuesday, April 29
Spring Choral Concert Rehersal
Spring Choral Concert Concert

Wednesday, April 30
AEHS Band - Orchestra Rehersal
DCC High School Options Information Meeting

Thursday, May 01
Poetry Slam
AEHS Band - Orchestra Performance
AEHS Band - Orchestra Performance
AEHS Band - Orchestra Performance

Friday, May 02
FGield Trip - Six Flags AP & IB Honors Physics
Black Eyed Susan Annual Celebration

Monday, May 05
AP IB Testing

Tuesday, May 06
AP IB Testing
AP IB Testing
AEHS College Kickoff

Wednesday, May 07
AP IB Testing
AP IB Testing

Thursday, May 08
AP IB Testing
AP IB Testing

Friday, May 09
AP IB Testing
AP IB Testing

Saturday, May 10
AP IB Testing

Sunday, May 11
AP IB Testing

Monday, May 12
AP IB Testing
AP IB Testing
PACE Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, May 13
AP IB Testing
AP IB Testing

Wednesday, May 14
AP IB Testing
AP IB Testing


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