Susana de Moya Foundation Scholarship

Application Eligibility

1. Proof of Dominican origin of the student or one or both of his/her parents.

2. The student must be between the ages of 13 and 21.
(See application exclusion below.)

3. The student must be attending Middle School or be a Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior in High School in the Maryland/Washington area.

4. Criteria for selection are based on a variety of qualifications such as:

* Academic achievement
* Essays
* Letters of recommendation
* Community service
* Interview
* Complete application Packet submitted on or before the deadline

5. Prior Award Recipients may reapply.

Submission Requirements

* Application Form – available at

* Student Essay – available at

* Teacher Recommendations (2) – available at

* Current Report Cards

* Personal Interview

Teachers are requested to encourage all Domincan students to apply.

Selection Process

The Susana de Moya Foundation Education Committee will select the students in May. Award winners will be notified via telephone by a member of the Committee within four weeks of the application deadline. Details of the award ceremony will follow thereafter.

All requirements must be submitted no later than set deadline.