AGOPPE Research Model

A = Ask Questions
* IB learners are inquirers developing their natural curiosity.

Brainstorm what you know and what you want to know about your topic. Write your questions down!

G = Gather Information
*IB Learners are risk-takers in using a variety of resources and technologies to find information. IB learners are principled, using resources with integrity.

Identify key words from your questions.
Decide what type of resources will be most helpful in finding information on your topic.
Use text features & keywords find information quickly.
Take good notes that are in your own words, in phrases, specific, neat and organized.
Cite sources. It is important to do research with integrity.

O = Organize Information
*IB learners are open-minded seeking and considering different point of views.

Use graphic organizers to help organize, categorize and interpret information in order to form new ideas.

P = Prepare and Produce
*IB learners are thinkers applying thinking skills critically and creatively to make sound decisions
and to solve complex problems.

Use the information you gathered and organized to recognize patterns and relationships, draw viable conclusions and make quality inferences about the topic.
Decide the best way (written, oral, multimedia) to communicate/present your information to others.

P = Present
*IB learners are communicators expressing ideas and information confidently.

Present your information in various formats: written, oral, multimedia.

E = Evaluate / Reflect
*IB learners are reflective giving thoughtful consideration to their own learning and analyzing their personal strengths and weaknesses in a constructive manner.

Evaluate the final product/presentation based on the rubric. Reflect on the research process.