CHS Internship Program:    

The Internship Program at Clarksburg High School is for high school seniors. It is an MCPS course designed as a career focused program. Internships require a full-year commitment and allows students to explore their career interests, gain valuable work experience, apply academic learning to  practical situations and earn elective credit toward their high school diploma.


When can students apply for internships? 

Students apply for internships in the spring of their junior year, for their senior year of high school. They may register for triple, double, or single period out-of-school internships depending on the specific program. Internships outside of the building are usually scheduled the last periods of the school day (6,7,8) or less commonly, the first periods of the school day (1,2,3). Internships can be paid or unpaid, with unpaid being the most common.  For each period of internship the student is scheduled is equivalent to .5 credits, and the student must complete 75 hours of work. 

  • 1 internship period = 75 hours (Internship A/B  #7813/7816)
  • 2 internship periods = 150 hours (Internship A/B DP  #7818/7819)
  • 3 internship periods = 225 hours (Internship A/B TP  #7822/7823)


Some internships are required as a culminating experience with part of a Clarksburg HS academic program such as the Child Development Program and the Academy of Health Professionals. In these instances the student must have been participating in that academic program since their sophomore year to qualify for the internship.


There are also a very limited number of single period In-School Internships that require 75 hours per semester (approximately 33 hours per quarter). With these, the student needs the approval of the mentoring teacher and is still required to meet all course expectations of the Internship Program.



In order to participate in the Internship Program, students must meet the following requirements:  

  • Students must complete the preliminary application during spring class registration in their Junior year. 
  • Student must attend one Student Information Meeting which is scheduled in January and/or February
  • Students must take an active role in securing their internship placement by having an idea of places of interest and learning about them by researching online or through a contact. 
  • Students will work independently and with the internship coordinator to have an internship placement by July 1 for the upcoming school year. The final approval of the placement rests with the internship coordinator.
  • Students must have no financial obligations. 
  • Students must have their own transportation. 
  • Must have two teacher recommendations (forms included in application packet)
  • Must be in good academic standing. Unweighted GPA of 2.8 or better and a record of good attendance at school.


What should students and parents consider when planning for an internship? 

  • How many periods can I devote to an internship?
  • What extracurricular activities might conflict with my internship schedule?
  • Can I maintain an excellent attendance record at school and the workplace?
  • Am I expecting to work hard and demonstrate a willingness to learn new skills?
  • Am I self-disciplined enough to meet deadlines, complete paperwork, follow procedures, communicate with the intern coordinator, and attend any scheduled meetings?
  • Can I provide my own transportation or use public transportation to commute to my internship site? Most internship positions are not paid. Interns must assume the expense of commuting.


What is expected of an intern? 

  • Interns will be working in a professional setting and are expected to act professionally. The intern is expected: to be punctual, to work hard, to act responsibly, to maintain confidentiality, and to dress appropriately throughout the internship experience.
  • When determining an internship program, a prospective intern needs to evaluate his/her strengths and talents, interests and goals that can be offered to a prospective mentor through a professional resume.
  • Placement procedures vary for each internship program. Students must clarify with the coordinator the established policies and procedures before any search begins. Final approval of the site rests with the intern coordinator.


What are the Internship Course requirements? 

   Interns will be evaluated by the school coordinator using a variety of instruments.

   The course grade is based on the following:

  • coordinator site visit
  • completed intern assignments (weekly written reflections, writing of a resume) 
  • the number of hours completed at the workplace (required minimum must be met to receive credit) Time log is kept by the student of cumulative hours over a semester.
  • evaluation by mentor/site supervisor
  • Student may be asked to make a presentation to other CHS interns about their internship experience. 
  • All interns must attend orientation seminars at the beginning of each semester and periodically throughout the semester.


The following must be considered when searching for an appropriate internship site: 

  • Work permits are required for interns under 18 years old.
  • Some sites require interns to be American citizens and/or over 18 years old
  • The intern must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • The site must have at least two adult employees.
  • The site cannot be located in a private home and must be a safe work environment.
  • Interns may NOT routinely drive as part of the job, open /or close the business without adult supervision, transport money, perform work that requires strenuous lifting, work in or around motor vehicles or with heavy equipment.
  • Internships may NOT be primarily clerical type duties.


How do I apply for an Internship? 

To begin the application process, students can download the Internship Application Packet and return the completed forms to Ms Costlow, Room 213, by end of March of their Junior year.   





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