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Spring 2017/Summer 2017Registering for the online MCPS courses (Comprehensive Health Education, Foundations of Technology A/B, and Foundations of Computer Science A/B) is a multi-step process. The Student eLearning office provides information about the MCPS registration process below on this page. Please be aware of this multi-step process as you begin. Every step has been described in detail on this page. For further information or clarification of a particular step, please contact the Student eLearning office at either 301-517-5921 or (See the menu on the left [desktop] or above [mobile] for accessing the Contact page for program contact information.) 



Basic Steps for Registration (read all steps before beginning):

  1.  Complete Google Form
    1.  CHOOSE COURSE. Complete the Google Docs form for one of the following:
       Health FoT A/B Comp Sci A/B‹‹ (Select each to access separate forms.)
      •  Submitting the Google Docs form sends an e-mail to you with further instructions and an attached registration form in PDF format.
    2.  Print the Attached Registration Form. The PDF form should be two pages.
    3.  Obtain Required Signatures on Registration Form. Student, parent, and counselor must sign.
    4.  Choose Payment Option. Follow instructions on form for chosen payment option.
      • Option #1: Mail or hand-deliver a check or money order with the registration form directly to the Student eLearning office.
      • Option #2: Make an online payment with a credit or debit card (MasterCard or Visa) after registration confirmation (see Step 3 below). Submit the registration form by itself to the Student eLearning office. The primary e-mail address will receive a registration confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to make an online payment.
    5.  Submit Completed Form to the Student eLearning Office.
      • The Student eLearning office processes completed/signed forms in the order received.
      • Student will be registered after the Student eLearning office processes the completed/signed form and student created an online account in the PDO system. (See “Step 2: Create Student Account.”)
  2.  Create Student Account
      Important: You must create this account before the Student eLearning office can complete registration.
    1.  Access the MCPS PDO Website ‹‹ (Select to access website.)
      • Select the "Register" link under "Student eLearning Registration" on the right side of the login window.
      • Background Info: PDO is the "Professional Development Online" software system used by MCPS teachers, staff, and administrators for their professional development activities. The company that manages the PDO system also manages the MCPS learning management system software (Moodle) for the high school online courses. The two systems cannot be separated. So, students will access a special link to create a student account in PDO, which will give them access to the high school courses when they become available.
    2.  Create Student Account on “User Accounts” Page.
      • Before beginning, make sure “maximum 32 characters” appears next to password field.
      • Write down the username and password that you create for your account.
      • All course communications go only to the “primary e-mail address” that you specify.
    3.  Log Out of PDO. Select “Logout” option under your username at top-right of PDO website.
  3.  Make Payment & Verify Registration
      Notes: 1) If you mailed a check with your printed PDF form, do not make a duplicate payment. 2) Do not make an online payment until registration is confirmed.
    1.  Read Automated E-mail from PDO System: “Student eLearning – Registration Confirmation”
      • The e-mail message contains the instructions for making online payments, course title, section title/number, start and end dates of the course, and location and times for the required face-to-face meetings. Verify that your schedule is open for the face-to-face meetings.
    2.  Make Online Payment, if you have not already paid by check.
      • The MCPS online payment system requires you to create an account with them.
      • Payment (online or check) must be received within four (4) business days of registration confirmation. If there is no payment, the student will be withdrawn from the course roster.
    3.  Verify Final Registration
      • Log into PDO to verify that you are in the course and section that you selected. Check the “My Courses” area of your own PDO main page for the course. Select course to view details.
    4. Log Out of PDO. Select “Logout” option under your username at top-right of PDO website.

Next Step:

  •  Wait for Course to Start
    • One week before the course starts, your online teacher will contact you with an e-mail message containing important information and instructions for accessing the course.
    • If you do not receive an e-mail from your online teacher, contact the Student eLearning office.

 Students are registered in the order that the completed forms are received by the Student eLearning office.