Subject:  Before and After School Childcare Bid Process - Survey and Members Needed

In September, The Community Use of Public Facilities (CUPF) notified me that they would be bidding our school's before and after school childcare program under the Executive Regulation governing how providers are selected, which was adopted by the Board of Education and County Council.  The Regulation ensures that parents have the ability to evaluate their childcare provider on a regular basis.  Montgomery County wants to ensure that all new childcare providers have the opportunity to participate.

Therefore, I am interested in hearing from anyone about the satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the current provider along with any comments about other services you would like any childcare provider to include.  Please take a few moments to fill out the survey:

The school is charged with creating a childcare committee to review and rate all childcare applications submitted for our school, as well as make the selection of a new childcare provider (the committee will start meeting in January).  As the principal, I or my designee will chair the committee and will be looking for 5 to 9 volunteers.  Committee members will be responsible for the following:

  • Attend all meetings (normally three, 2 - 3 hour meetings on week nights or late afternoons)
  • Certify objectivity and impartiality by signing the Disclosure and Confidentiality Forms
  • Read and rate each application on their own (average of nine applications per school)
  • Actively participate in both the application review and interview rating process
  • Bring all rating materials to meetings/return all materials at the conclusion of the process

CUPF will advertise the bid in mid-November and accept applications through mid-December for our school, which will be made available to us electronically in January.  Raters will be provided with in instructions and rating materials.  The committee will interview the three highest rated applicants.  Our goal is to have the process completed by mid-April at the latest.

If interested, please let me know. 


Jody L. Smith



"The path to excellence is paved with effective effort"