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Important Dates:

December 1-December 5: InView Assessment in class

(all students can do to prepare is get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast!)

December 24-January 2: Winter Break

January 3: First day back after Winter Break 


Monday - Music

Tuesday - Computer Lab

Wednesday- P.E. (wear sneakers!)

Thursday - Art

Friday - Media Center


Students should be reading every night!

Nightly math homework will be given Monday-Thursday's. It will be a single worksheet. 



Class Code: HZT73



 This Month We Are Learning In...


Students will use doubles and near doubles to help them add and subtract up to 20. Students will also use a variety of strategies to add and subtract two digit numbers (base ten block drawings, number line, expanded form).


Students will be studying folktales and identifying the moral of the story. They will also compare/contrast two versions of the same folktale from two different countries.



Students will be conducting experiments with forces and motion. They will write a lab report documenting their question, hypothesis, procedures, results, and conclusion.

Social Studies

Students will study the daily life of the Wampanoags and Pilgrims.


Students will classify objects and identify their parts.



Graded Work 

Score Description
ES Exceptional at grade level standard
P Meets the grade-level standard by demonstrating proficiency of the content or processes.
I In progress toward meeting the grade-level standard

Not yet making progress or making minimal progress toward meeting the grade-level standard


Graded work will come home in the red take home folder.  The score will be written as a fraction:

What the student earned/the highest possible score


Example: P/ES means the student earned a P on the assessment and is meeting the grade level standard