Student Service Learning (SSL)

What is Student Service Learning? Click here for more information

Student Service Learning Deadlines
Documentation of service performed during the summer for which SSL hours are sought is DUE
Friday, September 30th, 2011 .

Documentation of service performed during the FIRST semester for which SSL hours are sought is DUE January 6th, 2012 .

Documentation of service performed during the SECOND semester for which SSL hours are sought is DUE June 1, 2012 .

Changes in the Superintendent's Service Learning Awards

Students who have earned at least 75 hours in middle school by the first Friday in April will be recognized with the Superintendent's Student Service Learning Award.  All hours must be submitted to Ms. McKnight in room 1121 by March 29, 2012

75 hours will receive a certificate and a pin          
125 hours will receive a certificate           
225 hours will receive a certificate

Student Service Learning Details Please make sure the following information is included:

Forms will be returned to students for completion if information is missing, incorrect or additional documentation is necessary. SSL hours will be awarded when a complete and approved form is submitted.

Students are encouraged to maintain records of the SSL hours they have earned by keeping copies of all forms and a log of their involvement. Review regularly the section of your report card where the record of required, earned and remaining SSL hours to complete appears.

Read about Current Student Service Learning Opportunities

SSL activities provide opportunities to address real needs in the community while learning about oneself, strengthening one’s character and exploring career interests.

How to find SSL information and approved SSL organizations:

MCPS web site:


How to get started :

Read about SSL on the web pages and the booklet, “ Student Service Learning Important Information ”
Contact an approved organization (See MCPS Student Learning websites).

Follow these steps if the organization and activity are on an approved MCPS SSL list:

1. Earn your SSL hours

2. Complete the MCPS Form “ Student Service Learning Activity Verification Form”.

Write your reflection statement (a minimum of 6 sentences). What action did you perform?
How did your action benefit individuals in the community?
What did you learn about yourself as a result of your actions?

4. Write your correct ID number (six digits).

5. Attach a copy of the web page with the name of the approved organization.

6. Complete the entire verification form and return to the SSL coordinator prior to the deadline.

What to do if the organization and activity are not on the approved MCPS SSL list?

1. Complete and submit the form, “Application for Student Service Learning Special Activity form”.
SSL hours can ONLY be credited if you complete and submit the form “ Application for Student Service Learning Activity ” in advance of the earned SSL hours.

2. This form must be submitted and approved by Ms. McKnight and returned to you before you begin your SSL hours. Submit your form at least 10 days in advance to allow enough time to have it approved and returned to you. Once you have received approval follow the steps listed for an approved organization.

3. Earn your SSL hours.

4. Complete the “Student Service Learning Activity Verification Form

Write your reflection statement (a minimum of 6 sentences). What action did you perform?
How did your action benefit individuals in the community?
What did you learn about yourself as a result of your actions?

5. Write your correct student ID number (six digits).
6. Complete the entire verification form and return to the SSL coordinator, Ms. McKnight, prior to the deadline.

Forms and information are located by the SSL Bulletin Board near the cafeteria, in the media center, main office, and at the school store. Additional forms and information are on the webpage. (MCPS web site)

Dear Parents and Students:

SSL hours for involvement in auditioning, practicing, training, rehearsing, etc. in activities such as dance, sport, and music may be earned when such talents are shared with the greater community. A performance to nursing home residents, hospital patients, visit to a homeless shelter etc. are examples. Hours are available for the actual performance only, not the practice sessions and/or training involved in developing the skill. We are focusing on the practice that the service-learning activity meets a recognized need in the community, that students achieve curricular objectives etc. For further clarification, please call the SSL Coordinator, Ms. McKnight, at 301-469-1150.

Students interested in earning SSL hours while working with young children must do so with a non-profit organization—such as Montgomery County Recreation Department, MCPS, etc. Applications for SSL Special Activities with for-profit organizations of this nature such as camps and day care will no longer be approved.

For-profit assisted living and nursing home facilities remain the only for-profit locations where students may earn SSL hours in MCPS. If these organizations are not listed on the pre-approved for SSL list then the student is required to complete an Application for SSLSpecial Activity approved in advance of any service with these for-profit organizations. Service with these organizations must be direct to the residents, nothing to support the profitability of the for-profit business.

Kids Reading Together

This is a great opportunity for yourself or your child to receive Community Service Hours (Student Service Learning hours).

Passion for Learning, a nonprofit organization based in Silver Spring, has a contract from MCPS to recruit volunteer reading tutors for struggling second graders.

We’re matching volunteers with students at 56 Montgomery County public schools through the “Ruth Rales Comcast Kids Reading Network”. We use a proven tutorial program called “Reading Together.” Most students gain at least one grade level in reading fluency and comprehension by the end of the program.

Each volunteer tutors a child one-on-one, for an hour a week, at the child’s school. Tutoring can take place before, during, or after school. All the materials and books are provided. There is also training and school staff support for the program; prospective volunteers can learn more at That website also lists each of the participating schools, so prospective tutors can see which one is most convenient for them.

Prospective tutors should contact Passion for Learning’s director, Cynthia Rubenstein, at 301-562-6014 or Middle and high school students, as well as adult volunteers, are encouraged to participate.


5 Points of Information Regarding Student Service Learning (SSL)  

  1. June graduates with 260 or more SSL hours documented receive Certificates of Meritorious Service from the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS).
  2. Check the Service Learning section of report cards to stay apprised of progress toward meeting the MSDE SSL diploma requirement. 
  3. School holidays and early release days are good opportunities to participate in service learning. 
  4. Refer to the MCPS SSL Web site for updated lists of organizations and activities that are pre-approved for SSL.  
  5. Complete all requested information on SSL forms legibly in blue or black ink.


Student Service Learning Information

MCPS web site:

For a list of Approved Organizations and Activities:

Student Service Learning Office: 301-279-3454   Fax 301-517-8166

School Service Learning Coordinator: Ms. McKnight 301-469-1150 

Calendar of Weekend and Evening (W/E) Volunteer Program





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