Special Services

Hollis Frick

RTSE/Intensity III Resource Teacher*

Sally Collacicco

Reading Specialist

Dana Feldman     Resource Teacher Grade 6
Vickie Rosenberg Resource Teacher Grade 7

Addi Davis

Resource Teacher Grade 7

Barbara Werfel Resource Teacher Grade 7
Melissa Lichter Resource Teacher Grade 8

Ileana Simon

Autism Resource Services 6

Krista Rudd

Autism Resource Services 7

Stephanie McHale Autism Resource Services 8

Becca Youngbar 


Elena Schneider Learning for Independence
Claudia Rabie Learning for Independence
Gerald Twigg School/Community Based

Heather McNamara

Autism Teacher

Alison Pollarine

Speech/Language Pathologist

Atifah Diggs Speech/Language Pathologist
Dahlia  Ellison Speech/Language Pathologist
Kelli Hobbs      Occupational Therapy
Naoko Sbaschnig  Occupational Therapy

Josephine Cajayon

SE Paraeducator

Sue Mitler

SE Paraeducator

Nathan Young

SE Paraeducator

Norma Milner

SE Paraeducator

Isaac Bedell

SE Paraeducator

Tracy Berman

SE Paraeducator

Claire Bloch

SE Paraeducator

Mehrnaz Dadkoo

SE Paraeducator

Monique Gagnon    

SE Paraeducator

Peter Graves

SE Paraeducator

MaryAnn Klanke

SE Paraeducator

Shannon Poole

SE Paraeducator

Jordan Thompson

SE Paraeducator

Gargi Bhattachargei

SE Paraeducator

Anna Martini SE Paraeducator
Paula Weissenflu

SE Paraeducator

Clara Margolis SE Paraeducator
Chata Atuanya SE Paraeducator
Fran Moskowitz SE Paraeducator
Kimberley Wilson SE Paraeducator

Donna Panagos 

SE Paraeducator

Brian Burke SE Paraeducator

Brie Merritt

School Nurse

Komal Melwani

Health Technician
























































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