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   Links for Students and Parents:  

 PBS Kids - About Face  

 PBS Kids Arthur - You Got to Be Kidding  


Dealing with Conflict 

  Counseling themes for classroom lessons 


Monthly Character Trait Focus


 January- Perseverance (trying your best and never giving up)   
 February-Honesty & Trust (Telling the truth and keeping promises)   
 March- Courage (doing what is right even if it is not popular)   September-Respect (treating others the way you would like to be treated) 
 April- Acceptance(valuing that each of us has worth and potential)       October-Responsibility (Being a person that others can count on) 
 May-  Cooperation (working well with others)   November-Gratitude (Being thankful and showing others acts of appreciation) 
 June- Pride (Believing in yourself and your community)   December-Caring/Compassion (Caring for others in all you say and do) 




Conflict Resolution


 Who’s Bugging You?  What do you do when someone keeps bothering you… DeBug  !

  1. Ignore
  2. Walk away
  3. Talk Friendly (please stop)
  4. Talk Firmly (stop it now)
  5. Get Adult help (tell any staff member)



Small Group Information and Registration Form


 Peacemakers Club 


 Information for 5th Grade Parents

If your child is not attending Argyle, Parkland or Loiederman, please contact the middle school they are planning to attend to ensure they have been properly registered for their classes next year!!!! Please refer to for individual school websites and contact numbers.  


Middle School Magnet Program Information


 Recommended books and Websites


 Character Education  


 Problem Solving



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