Bradley Hills Elementary School is participating in a very special community service program to raise funds for the American Heart Association. We’re joining in the fight against our nation’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers — cardiovascular disease and stroke.

On February 14, 2017, our school will again hold a fundraiser known as Jump Rope for Heart. These events are held nationwide and help students learn about the benefits of regular physical activity and heart health, while they raise funds to support vital research and educational programs.

The money we raise will help people in our community learn how to avoid heart disease and stroke, while living longer, healthier lives. The physical education (P.E.) program will also qualify for gift certificates, which we use to order P.E. and recess equipment. Students will also receive thank-you gifts based on the amount they collect. Collecting funds is optional.

Family and friends are welcome to support your child’s participation by making contributions. Students should not go door-to-door or ask strangers for donations. Supporters can donate online at You can help your child register and create his/her own web page with the tools provided online. Your child can include a message about why he or she is participating in Jump Rope for Heart. Please see your child’s participant’s sponsor form for additional details.

Donations can only be made online. Please feel free to print your online donation forms for your records only. Mr. Ski will be able to print and see all donations collected for Bradley Hills Elementary School.

Jump Rope for Heart is a fun event that helps our children understand the importance of community service and physical activity. The money contributed will fund research that will save more lives each year. Our efforts will truly make a difference!

For additional information, including thank-you gift options, click here: Jump Rope for Heart

If you have any questions about this year’s Jump Rope for Heart event please contact:

Mr. Andrew Mlynarski, Physical Education Teacher