College Decision Day Photos

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May 1 was National College Decision Day for high school seniors around the country. All college bound kids, kids joining the military, and kids going to technical school came to the amphitheater and got their pictures taken!

Did you miss the photo shoot?

Seniors who missed both opportunities to have their pictures taken may take a selfie and send them to the BlakeNET webmaster. We welcome pictures from students joining the military, going to a technical school, going to a 2 or 4 year college, joining an apprenticeship program, taking a gap year, or in the case of one of our seniors, going to France to play soccer! Go class of 2018!
Be sure to mimic the pose by your classmates. 

Where else will I see my photo? 

Look for these pictures  posted onto the large bulletin board in the A hallway across from the Blake College/Career Center.
If you missed College Decision Day, you are encouraged to take a selfie and email them to the BlakeNET Web Team so that your photos can also be posted on the bulletin board.

College Decision Day 1 College Decision Day 2

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