After Prom Fundraising Events 

The After Prom Committee is hosting many Fundraising Events in order to gather enough money to host the After Prom! Below are a few events/important notes.

Papa John's Pizza Cards

Cards are being sold for $15. After Prom receives $10 for each card. The Official Fundraising Card allows you to get one free pizza for every carryout pizza bought at the regular menu price. There is no limit to the number of free pizzas you can receive; if you buy one, you get one free, if you buy ten, you get ten free! For just a $15 donation, you can get free pizzas every time you buy Papa John's for over a year!


Legacy Family Sponsors

Legacy Family Sponsors are a group of families who donate a $100 or more to support After Prom. Two years ago 17 families participates and in 2017, 33 participated. Our goal for 2018 is 50 families.

Family names are listed on the After Prom t-shirt and other promo material.

If your business or your employer can make a more sizable donation, please contact:

Checks should be made payable to:
Blake AfterProm, 300 Norwood Rd.,
Silver Spring, MD 20905

Any and all donations are welcome.

Senior Best Wishes Slides @ Dave and Busters

For $10 a parent (or any family member) can surprise their senior at AfterProm with a "best wishes" or "so very proud" message. These slides will run on a loop throughout the D&B store and all night long. Purchases can be made at Senior Night on April 19th.

AfterProm @ Dave & Buster

Saturday, May 19, Midnight to 5am

Blake HS students need your help to stay safe... at After Prom.

If students purchase a prom ticket, it's free to attend After Prom. If student just want to attend Dave and Buster's, the ticket costs $25.



After Prom Fundraising Events

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