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Monday, October 27, 2014

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Announcements for B-CC, October 27, 2014

 Event: SSL Opportunities

 Location: Main Office 

 Time: to 

 Sponsor: James Tapley, James_C_Tapley 

 Details: Students...please come by the Main Office to receive posted SSLopportunities such as the 10K Turkey Chase, the Chevy Chase Elementary School Book Fair, the Natural Surface Trail work project; or the Stream and Park Cleanup project. Somerset Elementary School also has a need for students for their After-School Programs. Seniors, the year will pass quickly, so if you still need SSL hours for graduation you should take advantage of the opportunities. Well over 100 seniors still need to complete hours! 

Event: Spanish Honor Society Meeting and Induction Ceremony

 Location: Choral Room 

 Time: 11:00 am to 11:35 am 

 Sponsor: Joanna Gidrewicz 

 Details: Attention all current and newly accepted members of the Spanish Honor Society! 

 Next Tuesday, October 28, we will all meet during lunch in the Choral Room for our next general meeting. The Induction Ceremony and a festive celebration of our 30 new members will take place during the meeting. Attendance of all members is mandatory. 

Please come to the Choral Room promptly at 11:00 to join the rest of the Spanish Honor Society in welcoming new members 

 Event: Guest Anchor on WUP B-CC on 11/01/2014 

Location: TV Studio 

Sponsor: Matt Boswell, Matthew_J_Boswell@mcpsmd.org 

Details: Hey, B-CC students. Want to have a turn at being an anchor on this very show? This is your chance. 

Applications to be a guest anchor are available in the Media Center. Pick one up next time you're passing by and fill it out. Applicants will then be contacted for a brief audition during homeroom. Do well in your audition, and you'll be sitting right here one day! 

Event: Junior Achievement Essay Competition on 10/29/2014 

Sponsor: Junior Achievement of Greater Washington, info@myja.org 

Details: Junior Achievement of Greater Washington invites students in the Washington area to compete for $110.000 in college scholarships by entering the 2014 their Junior Achievement Essay Competition. Visit www.myJA.org/students/essay for more information. 


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