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  The registration process has changed. Students will register with their school counseling office.
  Non-MCPS students will mail in their application.

      B-CC Summer Health Classes for students who have completed the 9 th  grade.  

Health Education requirement is for rising 10th, 11th and 12th graders.  

Course Description:
Comprehensive Health Education emphasizes lifelong positive health related attitudes and behaviors that promote self-reliance and self-regulation for all students while promoting health literacy.

Health literate students have the knowledge, skills, and ability to maintain and enhance personal health and fitness, create and maintain safe environments, and manage personal and community resources.

Life skills emphasized throughout the program include goal-setting; decision-making; identifying beliefs, attitudes, and motivations; assessing information; and advocacy for personal, family and community health.

SUMMER SESSION  :                                                                                   
WHEN : June 26 th  - July 14 th                                                           
WHERE : Tilden Middle School                                                            
TIME : 8:00am - 12:40pm                                                                                     
COST : $300                                                                                                                     
TEACHER : Ms. Lizarazo                                                                                 

OPTION #1: Registration forms can be filled out electronically , printed off, signed and turned in to the 
                      appropriate teacher. CLICK HERE  to download registration form.
OPTION #2: Registration forms can be picked up from the counseling department , filled out, signed and turned
                      back in to the office/business manager
OPTION #1: CHECK - Make check payable to B-CC High School and turn in to B-CC Financial Office Manager.
OPTION #2: CREDIT CARD - This can be done online, CLICK HERE  for the link.

*NOTE:  Your son/daughter can only miss 1 day during Summer Session. Please adjust your vacation plans or work schedule accordingly. This class is a 3 week intensive course. If you need to discuss other matters regarding summer classes, contact Ms. Lizarazo at  about the Summer Session.
If your son/daughter's schedule does not fit the B-CC summer schedule, there are other options such as;
online summer health or other county health classes. Please note that their dates are NOT  the same as B-CC.
It is our pleasure to continue to serve the B-CC Community during the summer months.

Online Health Information:
Want to take the graduation credit approved online health course this summer?
Unsure if online health is right for you? CLICK HERE  for more information.
CLICK HERE  for information and to sign up! 












Summer Student Online Learning (SOL)



Other Summer Opportunities

The MCPS Summer Search Program is an enrichment experience for students at all grade levels, providing them an opportunity to participate in a variety of educational summer programs, including some unique internships. The booklet, Summer Search: Expanding Educational Horizons, published every year by the Division of Family and Community Partnerships, offers a wide range of opportunities to students to expand their horizons and to be exposed to new experiences. It is available in MCPS schools and libraries in Montgomery County. To find out more, please go to