Our Vision and Mission / School Improvement Plan (SIP) 

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All B-CC students will graduate ready to continue their education to become productive citizens of our world.


Mission Statement

The mission of B-CC HS is to develop lifelong learners; independent, critical thinkers; and responsible, compassionate global citizens. B-CC empowers its diverse student body by offering a rigorous instructional program as well as a wide range of extracurricular activities, supported and enriched by the surrounding community.

Learn, Think, Serve, Be Responsible  

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Goals 

 Linkages Chart 2010-2011

Student Performance Goals Overview....... SIP Data Overview   

By the year 2015, students of B-CC High School will demonstrate improved academic achievement as measured by: 

  • An increase to 90% or higher in the percentage of students who are academically eligible in any given marking period.
  • An increase to 100% in the percentage of students who meet the HSA graduation requirements (score of 1602, Bridge Projects) including an increase to 95% of students who pass each subject test.
  • An increase to 65% in the percentage of students who earn a 3 on an AP Test or a 4 on an IB Test by the end of 12th grade with a particular focus on increasing the performance of those groups that are farthest from the target.  (If 65% of all 12th graders earn a 3 on an AP Test or a 4 on an IB Test and 73% of our students enroll in at least one AP or IB class, that equates to approximately 90% of students enrolled in the AP or IB courses earning a 3 or 4 on their respective test.)
  • An increase in the Graduation Rate to 96% in all subgroups.



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