Jump Rope for Heart* for Grades 2nd-5th

*During PE class Nov 13th – 17th

*Please note the change: we are having this activity during  P.E. classes and NOT as an after school activity.


It is that time of year again when we raise money for the American Heart Association.  Students may participate even if not raising funds. We are teaching our students about heart health, the importance of physical activity, and living healthy lives.


If your child would like to raise money for this worthy cause you can go to  and register.   


Please convert any cash raised to a check made out to the American Heart Association and return it in the envelop that was sent home to school by November 17th.  We ask that children  not to go door-to-door and ask strangers for donations. They should ask family or friends of family.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated.


If you have questions, please contact Mr. D. or  Ms. O’Reilly, P.E. teachers.