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Urgent Update: Due to unsafe road conditions affecting school transportation, Montgomery County Public Schools is now closing schools today, January 17, 2018. All school-sponsored and community-use activities in school buildings are canceled. Administrative offices are open on time. Day care programs in school buildings may remain open as scheduled.

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Actualización urgente: debido a las condiciones de peligro en las carreteras que afectan los autobuses escolares, las Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Montgomery permanecerán cerradas hoy 17 de enero de 2018. Las oficinas administrativas abrirán en horario regular. Los programas de cuido en los edificios escolares podrán permanecer abiertos según su horario regular.

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Board of Education Meeting Agenda for Thursday, July 25

July 22, 2002
6:30 p.m. Closed Session

8:00 p.m. 1.0 Roll Call
1.1 Approval of the Agenda (A)

8:05 p.m. Public Comments

8:35 p.m. 2.0 Consent Items

2.1.1 Procurement Contracts of $25,000 or More (A)#

Facilities Management
2.2.1 Award of Contracts – Relocatable Classrooms (A)#
2.2.2 Reduction of Retention – Robert Frost MS (A)#
2.2.3 Reduction of Retention – Newport Mill MS (A)#
2.2.4 Grant of Forest Conservation Easement and Declaration of Covenants at Rockville HS (A)#
2.2.5 Grant of Stormwater Management Easement, Stormwater Management Inspection, and Maintenance Agreement at Rockville HS (A)#
2.2.6 Grant of Public Sidewalk and Street Tree Easement and Right-of-Way at Rockville HS (A)#
2.2.7 Grant of Deed of Dedication at Rockville HS (A)#
2.2.8 Gaithersburg HS – Authority to Purchase Ireland Property(A)#
2.2.9 Gaithersburg HS – Authority to Purchase Sakowski Property (A)#

2.3.1 FY 2002 Operating Budget Categorical Transfer (A)#

8:40 p.m. 3.0 Human Resources Appointments (A)

8:45 p.m. 4.0 Update on Cell Phone Regulations (D/A)

9:45 p.m. 5.0 Tentative Action on Policy DAA, Fiscal Responsibility and Control (D/A)

10:00 p.m. 6.0 Board of Education Items
6.1 Board/Superintendent Comments (D)
6.2 Closed Session Resolution (A)
6.3 Report of Closed Session (I)
6.4 Appointment to the Advisory Committee on Family Life and Human Development (A)
6.5 Appeals (A)
6.6 Previous New Business Items (A)
6.5.1 Alternative Schedules and Use of Technology (A)
6.5.2 Unused Contingency Days for Emergency Closings(A)
6.7 New Business

10:20 p.m. 7.0 Items of Information
7.1 Construction Status Report

10:25 Adjournment (A)

10:30 Closed Session

# student vote does not count. Four votes needed for adoption.
* times listed are intended for guidance only; unless changed by the Board, the order in which items appear will be followed.

Future Board of Education Meeting
* Monday, August 26, 1:30 p.m., Business Meeting

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