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Board of Education Holds Meeting on Thursday, April 15

April 13, 2004
Agenda for April 15 Meeting

10:00 a.m. 1.0 Roll Call
1.1 Approval of the Agenda (A)
1.2 Secretaries Week (A)
1.3 National Volunteer Week (A)
1.4 Autism Awareness Month (A)
1.5 Final Report on Legislation (oral) (D)

11:00 Public Comments

11:30 2.0 Final Action of Policy BOA, Legal Services (D/A)

11:45 3.0 Rescission of Various Policies (D/A)

12:00 p.m. Lunch and Closed Session

1:30 4.0 Consent Items

4.1.1 Procurement Contracts of $25,000 or More (A)#

4.2.1 Carver Educational Services Center - License Agreement with Montgomery College (A)#
4.2.2 Award of Contract - Heat Pump Replacement at Gaithersburg HS (A)#
4.2.3 Capital Projects to be Closed Effective June 30, 2004 (A)#
4.2.4 Extension of Contract - Natural Gas Supply (A)#

4.3.1 Utilization of the FY 2004 Provision for Future Supported Funds (A)#
4.3.2 FY 2004 Supplemental Appropriation for the Entrepreneurial Activities Project Fund (A)#
4.3.3 Supplemental Appropriation for the Reading First Program (A)#

1:35 5.0 Human Resources Appointment (A)

1:40 6.0 Monthly Financial Report (D)

1:45 7.0 Approval of the Library Media Information-Literacy Skills Pre-K-12 Framework (D/A)

2:45 8.0 Update on Title I Schools (D)

3:45 9.0 Dialogue on Current Issues: Update on Federal Education Legislation (oral) (D)

4:15 10.0 Board of Education Items
10.1 Board/Superintendent Comments (D)
10.2 Closed Session Resolution (A)
10.3 Report of Closed Session (A)
10.4 Appointment of Board of Education's Special Education Continuous Improvement Advisory Committee (A)
10.5 Appeals
10.6 Minutes (January 13, February 2, February 10, 2004) (A)
10.7 Previous New Business Item
10.7.1 Academic Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities (A)
10.8 New Business

4:35 11.0 Items of Information (I)
11.1 Legal Fees Report
11.2 Construction Progress Report

4:30 Adjournment (A)

# Student vote does not count. Four votes needed for adoption.
Times listed are intended for guidance only; unless changed by the Board, the order in which items appear will be followed.

Future Board of Education Meetings
Monday, April 19, 7:30 p.m., Cluster Meeting (Blake)
Thursday, April 22, 7:30 p.m., Meeting with MCCPTA Officers
Monday, April 26, 7:30 p.m., Evening Business Meeting

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