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Montgomery County Public Schools and all administrative offices are closed today due to emergency weather conditions. All school and community activities in school buildings are canceled.

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Todas las escuelas y oficinas administrativas de MCPS permanecerán cerradas el día de hoy debido a las condiciones de emergencia por tiempo inclemente. Todas las actividades escolares y comunitarias en los edificios escolares quedan canceladas.

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Most Hopeful Teacher in America| 2013

Mary Y. Hawkins-Jones, an Arkansas native, has spent more than two decades as an educator. While much of her educational career has been spent in Maryland, Jones served as an administrator in Memphis, TN for four years. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in School Administration. Throughout her 23 years in education, Jones has served as a teacher, a mentor, a coordinator (testing and math) and an administrator. Her experiences outside the classroom have given her knowledge and leadership skills that translate to learning opportunities for her students. She utilizes acquired interview skills with students in order to develop an understanding of their hopes and needs. This vital information becomes the basis for how she differentiates instruction to assist students in flourishing as learners.

Jones is in her seventh year at Westover and currently serves as the 5th Grade Team Leader, Teacher in Charge, a member of the Leadership and OSET Teams and Safety Patrol Sponsor.

Jones’s inspiration for teaching comes from her commitment to serve, a value her parents instilled in her at a young age. She enthusiastically extends her knowledge, skills and life experiences knowing that it will have an impact on the future of a child.