Montgomery County Public Schools, Rockville, MD

Linking to Language Information

Webmasters who want to link to MCPS information in other languages can use these two options.

Option 1: Use a Server Side Include

Include the following code on your page to place the Languages bar on your website using a server side include:

<!--#include file="/global/languages.txt"-->

The result should look like this on your webpage:

MCPS Information in Other Languages
Chinese French Korean Spanish Vietnamese

Make sure to use the file extension .shtm for all pages using the Server Side Include.

Learn to use Server Side Includes

Option 2: Use an Image Badge

You may also place one of the image badges below on your site, and link it to the "Information in Other Languages" page at

To save the graphic right click and select "save as":



This is the initial phase of a larger effort to provide links to information in other languages.

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