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In 2014, the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS) published the first revision to national arts standards in 20 years, the National Core Arts Standards (NCAS).  The NCCAS was comprised of members from the American Alliance for Theatre and Education, the College Board, the Educational Theatre Association, the National Art Education Association, the National Association for Music Education, the National Dance Education Organization, and the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education. Additional supporting members included Young Audiences Arts for Learning, Americans for the Arts, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and the Lincoln Center Education Department. The frameworks are designed to foster an inquiry approach to higher order thinking skills within arts education.

The purpose of the NCAS was to support PreK–12 arts instruction by writing arts standards informed by research with the inclusion of media arts as a fine arts.  The framework was developed with philosophical foundations and lifelong goals as the underpinning for learning and defining artistic literacy.  The new voluntary NCAS serves to inform curriculum, instruction, and assessment nationwide, and improve student learning and achievement in the arts by defining artistic literacy, shaping policy and research, influencing teacher training, practice and evaluation, and clarifying connections between the arts and 21st century skills.

As a result, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has undertaken a thorough review of the fine arts curriculum during the past year.  As part of the process, MCPS solicited feedback from stakeholders including arts educators, MCPS students, community members, university and arts organization partners, and the Curriculum Advisory Assembly.

The proposed Fine Arts Curriculum Framework:

  • (a) aligns with the National Core Arts Standards (NCAS);
  • (b) builds upon the experiential knowledge of MCPS teachers and administrators over many years of implementing arts education programs; and
  • (c) is consistent with MCPS core values.

The Board of Education has tentatively approved the draft frameworks and MCPS is now seeking public comment on the draft frameworks posted below. Public comment will be open until April 21, 2017. The feedback will be used to make additional revisions to the Frameworks before final approval by the Board in May 2017.

Background Information

Background Information

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