Web Professional Learning Community (PLC)


A Web What?

Here in Web Services, we're serious about professional development, community engagement, and continuous improvement. The web is one of our most effective sources of and tools for outreach. To be effective, we need to stay on top of current web developments and continuously improve MCPS web sites to meet changing web standards. A little self-directed community professional development is in order.

Our goal? An adaptable, knowledgeable MCPS web community. A web community ready and able to lead the way toward an MCPS web that serves the greater MCPS community. A greater MCPS community that finds accurate, timely, and easy to understand information on all our websites.

Lofty goals? Yes. Doable? Absolutely. Curious how? Or even want to help? Join us at the next Web Professional Learning Community (Web PLC) session.

Who are the PLCs for?

The PLCs are for any MCPS employee who has a hand in web communication, production, development, strategy, or just wants to learn how to reach more people effectively through the web.

What's in a Web PLC?

The tools and concepts to help make all of us better at "doing" web. We'll explore current web thinking, best practices, standards, what makes a website effective, and how a learning organization like MCPS uses the web to communicate. There are 5 sessions scheduled for this fiscal year, with more to come as the MCPS web community grows.

It's also your opportunity to meet others interested in learning how to communicative effectively on the web. Get to know us, and each other. Bring questions, share ideas. Most of all, expect to walk away with a deeper understanding of what we can do and where the MCPS web needs to go.

Session Let's Talk About When? Where?
1 How the Web Was Won
or And you thought you were a Webmaster.
--current web industry trends, standards, developments, and where MCPS web is going

agenda (.pdf ) | presentation | podcast (.mp3)
Postponed Due To Weather
Oct. 30, 2012
Nov. 15, 2012
in the Cafeteria
2 Writing for the Web
or Congratulations, you're a Web Editor!
--web writing basics, tips, and tricks to help you communicate with your web audience
agenda (.pdf )
Jan. 31, 2013
in the Cafeteria
3 UX, Web Standards, and Accessibility for Government Entities
or Standards? We have standards?
--essential web industry best practices and accessibility standards
4 HTML and CSS Basics for Tron
or Web Editors need a little HTML love too.
--the concepts behind, and some basic web standards compliant HTML and CSS
5 Site Voice and Tone
or Your site has a personality, shouldn't it be intentional?
--create engaging content that your web audience can easily understand and relate to

For more information, to ask a question, or to just say hi, email us. Also, take a look at some web industry resources and see what Web Services is up to.

Remember to...

Thanks for coming, stay tuned for future sessions.

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