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2000 Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Results for Montgomery County Public Schools

SAT II: Subject Test Proficiency

SAT II Subject Tests were taken by 1,673 (22%) members of the MCPS Class of 2000. Their average scores were well above the national averages on the 11 tests that were taken by at least 25 MCPS students. The largest differences from national averages were on Literature (45 points), American History (44 points), Chemistry (43 points), and Writing (43 points).

Over the past 4 years the average scores have improved on 10 of the 11 tests. The largest increases have been on Writing (38 points) and Mathematics IC (28 points).

In the past this report has included overall mean scores for the SAT II. The College Board is no longer reporting those scores because they feel they are hard to compare from one group to another. This is because different students take different combinations of tests. The loss of this average means that we will not be reporting school results on the SAT II. In most cases, the number of students in a school taking the individual subject tests is too small to provide reliable data.

SAT II results are presented in Table A5.

PSAT Proficiency

The October 1999 MCPS average of 104.0 for the total score on the Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) represents an increase of .2 points over the October 1998 total score average. This is a non-significant increase. However, the long term ( 4-year) trend is a 1.2 point decline which is significant. This decline has been accompanied by a 4 percent increase (61 to 65) in the percent tested. As with the SAT, an increase in the percent tested for a group is generally accompanied by a decrease in average score.

The MCPS average continues to be well above the PSAT national average which was 97.5 in 1999.

PSAT results are presented in Table A6 (countywide) and Table A7 (school) in the Appendix. PSAT scores range from 20 to 80.

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Last Updated on September 13, 2000