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KLA-RA, Responding to Inquiries and Complaints from the Public

About this Regulation

Regulation: KLA-RA

Last revised: July 25, 2017


To set forth procedures for responding promptly and equitably to inquiries and complaints from the public, including allegations of discrimination under applicable laws, unless otherwise committed to another process; for encouraging the informal resolution of such complaints whenever possible, and for reviewing administrative decisions involving such complaints.

Personnel actions are the exclusive responsibility of the superintendent of schools and are not subject to public complaint procedures.

Effective August 1, 2017.


The provision of quality educational programs, activities, and services for the students of Montgomery County is best achieved by all parties working together. The Montgomery County Board of Education, as a matter of policy, encourages response to inquiries and complaints from the public at the local school or lowest possible administrative level and by an informal process of cooperative agreement among affected parties. Formal steps for resolving complaints should only be used after informal approaches have been unsuccessful in resolving the complaint. The process described below is designed to govern the resolution of disputes and review of administrative decisions, except in those cases where an alternative dispute resolution process is specifically provided by federal or state law, Board policy, or another MCPS egulation, such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or decisions regarding discipline of employees.

Adobe PDF KLA-RA, Responding to Inquiries and Complaints from the Public 45 K
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Adobe PDF KLA-RA, Traiter les Questions et les Plaintes Provenant du Public522 K
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Adobe PDF KLA-RA, 回應公眾的查詢和投訴817 K
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Adobe PDF KLA-RA, ከህዝብ ለሚመነጩ ጥያቄዎችና ቅሬታዎች መልስ ኣሰጣጥ437 K

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