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JPF-RA, Do Not Resuscitate Orders

About this Regulation

Regulation: JPF-RA

Last revised: November 19, 2007


To provide procedures when students have Emergency Medical Services (EMS) “Do Not Resuscitate Orders.”


MCPS recognizes that students with life-threatening health problems may attend school with valid EMS ”Do Not Resuscitate Orders.” Parents/guardians have the right to make decisions regarding health care measures for their children. However, the school environment must be orderly, safe, and free from threats to the well-being of all students. The death of a student on school premises can be traumatic for both students and staff. Therefore, implementation of an EMS ”Do Not Resuscitate Order” in the school setting must be individually evaluated and addressed on a case-by-case basis using the procedures described below.

Adobe PDF JPF-RA, Do Not Resuscitate Orders 131 K

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