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JGA-RA, Classroom Management and Student Behavior Interventions

About this Regulation

Regulation: JGA-RA

Last revised: October 04, 2017


To set forth procedures for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) concerning the continuum of behavior interventions designed to maintain a positive environment conducive to learning.


The classroom teacher has a primary responsibility for guiding student behavior in order to create a positive learning environment that supports academic achievement. Utilization of positive behavior interventions facilitates the maintenance of an orderly and effective learning climate. Staff use a wide array of positive behavior intervention strategies and supports to guide student behavior and appropriate responsive strategies to maintain a safe and secure environment.

Adobe PDF JGA-RA, Classroom Management and Student Behavior Interventions 163 K
Adobe PDF JGA-RA, Manejo del Aula e Intervenciones de Conducta para los Estudiantes613 K
Adobe PDF JGA-RA, Gestion de Classe et Interventions Relatives au Comportement des Élèves500 K
Adobe PDF JGA-RA, Quản Lý Lớp Học và Can Thiệp Thái Độ Học Sinh628 K
Adobe PDF JGA-RA, 課堂管理和對學生行為的干預914 K
Adobe PDF JGA-RA, 학급 운영과 학생 행동 중재792 K
Adobe PDF JGA-RA, የመማርያ ክፍል ኣስተዳደርና የተማሪ ስነምግባር ጣልቃ-ገብነቶች426 K

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